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MalPaso Pedro Jiménez

Unique, exclusive and versatile, made 100% from Pedro Jiménez grapes.

Produced and Packed at origin in Fundo Huamalata s.n., Ovalle, Coquimbo Region – Limarí Valley.


Pedro Jiménez.

White winemaking.

Discontinuous alembic.

Three months.

American and French chip concentrate (color enhancement).

Cold for 48 hours at -6 degrees, filtered.

Box of 6 bottles of 750ml, gross weight 7.85kg.

View: Transparent Pisco with silver rims.

Nose: Pisco with a very mild aroma, green-skinned fruits, citrus and herbal notes are perceived.

Mouth: Pisco smooth on the palate, with a slight oiliness giving it an elegant character of balanced alcohol.

Drink it and enjoy it in moderation.