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MalPaso Ícono 40°

Our premium pisco, reserved for you to enjoy a special moment.

Originally packed by Soc. Agríc. Hda. Mal Paso y Cía. Ltda., In Fundo Huamalata, commune of Ovalle, Valle de Limarí, 4th. Coquimbo Region, Chile.

Sharp, bright, with silver sparkles.

Moscatel Rosada and Muscat of Alexandria. Own production of selected sectors on the property.

Vinification in white, with low temperatures, regulated both in the grape and in the fermentation.

Careful distillation in copper stills to preserve aromas and drastically reduce impurities.

Rested in stainless steel vats for a period of six months.

No additives.

Cold Additives, Filtration and Filtration before packaging.

Contains 6 Bottles. Total weight of 7.0 Kgs.

Clear, sharp and shiny appearance with silver tones. On the nose, clean and fresh that evokes white strawberry, lavender and subtle lemon zest. Pleasantly smooth on the palate, smooth, rich and round citrus fruit. At the end, it is fresh and intense and reminiscent of white fruit.

Drink it and enjoy it in moderation.