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MalPaso Reservado 40°

Everyone’s favorite, for you to try in a classic piscola or even a cocktail.

Originally packed by Soc. Agríc. Hda. Mal Paso y Cía. Ltda., In Fundo Huamalata, commune of Ovalle, Valle de Limarí, 4th. Coquimbo Region, Chile.

Amber yellow, bright pale.

Moscatel Rosada and Moscatel de Alejandría, own production of selected sectors in the property.

Vinification in white, with low temperatures, regulated both in the grape and in the fermentation.

Careful distillation in copper stills to preserve aromas and drastically reduce impurities.

Brief rest in new American and French oak barrels prolonged in stainless steel tanks, after dilution with double osmosis water.

American and French chip concentrate (color enhancement).

Cold blow, filtration and before packaging it goes through filtration again.

For the 750 ml format we have a box of 6 or 12 bottles, total weight 7.35 kgs and 15.7 kgs. respectively.

The product has a very attractive color, it is clean and bright.

On the nose, it delivers very intense floral aromas and others related to wood, such as vanilla and walnut that give it an adequate and harmonious complexity.

In the mouth, you can see the persistent flavor of the Muscat varieties, and its delicate wood is soft and aggressive at the same time.

It has body and roundness. In the end, the muscatel is preserved for long minutes. It has a very good finish in the mouth. The combination of aroma and flavors is optimal.

Drink it and enjoy it in moderation.